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Giffoni Experience - Edhel



Giffoni Experience - Edhel

Edhel - Director: Marco Renda.

Edhel is a young girl born with an ear malformation that makes her ears look pointy. She faces her discomfort avoiding relationships with people. School and her classmates are a nightmare. The only place where she feels happy are the stables where her horse Caronte awaits her every afternoon, just like Edhel’s father used to wait for her before he passed away in a strange accident during a competition.

Running Time: 84'
In Italian with English subtitles

The film was screened at the 2017 Giffoni Experience Festival. The screening at the Institute will be followed by a conversation with Giovanni Brancaccio and Gianvincenzo Nastasi, members of the Giffoni Experience team. They will be in Dublin on the occasion of the ADIFF festival, to which they will participate as special guests.

The film is recommended for young adults. Not suitable for children.


Date: Friday, March 02, 2018

Time: At 5:00 pm

Entrance : Free